Why is Online Soccer Betting Getting More and More Popular in the USA?

Big variety of betting options

The popularity of soccer in the USA has increased significantly during the last two decades. Of course, there were times before with celebrities like Pele and Franz Beckenbauer who initially triggered the process of popularization. Both played for New York Cosmos. We know that Americans prefer other sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey but we cannot neglect the fast-growing fame of the oldest sport of all. As a consequence, the gambling industry also expanded in this field. More and more Americans are lured to bet on a win of the former team of Zlatan Ibrahimovic La Galaxy or on the newly-established team of David Beckham Inter Miami. Soccer is trendy, and so is online betting. It offers a great variety of betting options, so the demands of all bettors to be satisfied. The legal matter of online gambling is a delicate topic but we can see that major sportsbooks in the USA offer identical options to its customers compared to major bookies in the UK and Europe.

Good betting odds

Currently, American gamblers can benefit not only from a great variety of options but also from high odds and respectively lucrative potential profits and money. Odds should be approximately the same in the major online sportsbooks all over the world. You cannot find odds for a win of Barcelona against Alaves of 1.20 in bet365.com and compare it to the equivalent at bovada which is estimated at 1.50 let’s say. The fluctuations and variations of soccer odds are minimal. This is partly because of the major globalization of online soccer betting. Of course, all of us have heard of mysterious presidents of clubs that placed multi-million bets in secret Asian soccer bookmakers but that is not a mainstream practice, to say the least. We are focusing on the major bookies and they offer pretty good betting odds, especially in the USA.

Easy access through mobile applications

One of the biggest advantages of online gambling is that you can bet anywhere and anytime. No limits exist. You can deposit some money into your account and place your bet on a favorite team while at the same time being on the beach and drinking your cocktail. You can use a variety of devices that could do the job perfectly:

  • your computer;
  • smartphone;
  • tablet.

You are not restricted by time and place. It is a significant convenience for daily bettors who do not want to miss a particular sports event.

Incentive bonuses

The competition among online soccer bookmakers is fierce and all of the major players on the market are trying to attract as many customers as possible. An expanded customer base is always a top priority for any sportsbook. One of the ways for achieving this goal is to offer a special incentive bonus. They are intended for the new subscribers. But take into consideration that this bonus should be played several times before the withdrawal of the money. So, be smart and place good bets to get use of it.

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